Path to Consensus

Workshop 1
(Ittingen Charterhouse, 5/6 November 2010):

Scientifically based preparation of consensus development; objectives of HTAs, normative frameworks, empirical data on the expectations of insured people, overview of international experiences with HTAs, current standard evaluation methods with the focus on measuring benefits and evaluating costs versus benefits.

Retreat 1 of Project Team
(Mürren, 27/28 January 2011):

Matching of expectations; annotated synopsis of propositions by santésuisse, Helsana, Interpharma, Roche and corresponding solutions of HTA institutions and international guidelines

Retreat 2 of Project Team
(Hinterzarten, 24/25 February 2011):

Normative and legal framework of HTAs, target criteria for evaluations and the need for and possibility of a revision of the criteria of efficacy, suitability and cost-effectiveness; Swiss context/existing processes; view of the FOPH; structuring of the anticipated Output project and stakeholder comments on a preliminary draft

Retreat 3 of Project Team
(Berne, 26 April 2011):

Operationalization of objectives, rapid and complete HTA process, benefit dimensions and their assessment, including exploratory study of plausibility and feasibility, essential HTA conditions from the view of the health insurer, alternative criteria of health economics for setting limits, basic institutional conditions

Retreat 4 of extended Project Team together with the Scientific Steering Committee
(Brunnen, 31 May / 1 June 2011):

Presentation and discussion of the interim results achieved; operationalization of criteria of efficacy, suitability and cost-effectiveness, rapid and complete HTA, approaches for a systematic assessment of benefits, setting of limits and assessments of costs versus benefits; current developments in France, embedding of project in the political processes at federal level

Retreat 5 of the Project Team
(Solothurn, 13 July 2011):

Discussion of inputs after Retreat 4; rHTA and cHTA process, categories of benefit assessment, ELGK proposals for operationalized criteria of efficacy, suitability and cost-effectiveness, setting of limits and current developments in UK, structure of a consensus paper

Retreat 6 of the Project Team
(Berne, 19 August and 2 September 2011):

Rights of appeal and appeal procedures, funding proposals, addressing and provisional adoption of cornerstone paper and supplementary detailed slide set (V5.01) by the project team

Workshop 2 (extended Project Team)
(Lucerne, 28/29 September 2011):

Presentation and discussion of draft consensus by project team with focus on complex and potentially controversial aspects:  view of stakeholders, Potential for improvement of HTAs in Switzerland, process-related and content-based project objectives, proposed assessment of benefits, selection of technologies for cHTAs, best evidence that can be expected in the given context and evidence development/managed entry strategies for new technologies, setting of limits in the project

Retreat 7 of the Project Team
(Berne, 19 October 2011):

Review of workshop 2; final version of the consensus cornerstones, decision by the project team, release for ratification by the associations involved and planned communication of results achieved.